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Copy the contract address and paste it into Pancakeswap 'Select a Token' Box.

** NOTE ** you will need a wallet.  We recommend Metamask (secure and easy to use).

Paste STUDI Contract Address inside the Select a Token Box as show below.

What is STUDI ?


The worlds first education based, community-driven DeFi Crypto Token. STUDI is used to power a new freelance market place called


University students and graduates can easily register online and accept jobs for hire. Users can also search for Scholarships, job opportunities, join active discussions on the forums, and receive tips and rewards with STUDI.


The best part? Giving back to the community. A portion of every STUDI transaction is pooled and set aside for new Scholarships and Student Loan Debt payoff. Every child deserves a good education. Lets help the world through education.


Three main functions occur during each trade which fuels the STUDI ecosystem.

LP Acquisition

5% is added to a liquidity pool increasing the token stability and price over time.


5% is stored for incentives such as Scholarships and Student Loan Debt Payments.


2% is allocated to marketing efforts designed to achieve continuous and sustainable growth.

The Roadmap

Initial Token Distribution

Marketing & Project Growth.  — 10%

  • Initial Marketing Efforts
  • Audit Fees
  • Exchange Listing Fees
  • Security Fees

Competitions & Events.  — 10%

  • Initial Liquidity
  • Marketplace
  • Staking Events
  • Social Media

Early Investors.  — 4%

  • Project founders and primary investors.

Public Presale.  — 74%

Public Burn.  — 2%